Wake up. We’ve been waiting for you.

2 min readAug 30, 2022


(clinking of bottles)

Hmm…you’re probably still dizzy, right? We are.
Since the last time we saw each other, you were taking a walk on the beach, enjoying yourself.

What happened then?

We decided, being totally sober, to embark on one of the greatest adventures, leaving behind the place that was our home. What happened then, only those who survived know.

Still remember when…

We have sailed the roughest seas, we have faced enormous adversity… but what has damaged us most is the time we have spent aimlessly, the time we have spent without touching dry land.
The wear and tear came through the simplest things; the constant swaying of the sea, the smell of saltpetre, permeating every part of our body, clouding our mind….

All seemed lost, our crew had lost faith… but suddenly, by divine luck, our lookout seemed to catch a glimpse of something with his spyglass, something that dazzled him.
There were clouds, a mere reflection? He resigned himself to it being just that, and after a long time keeping his eyes on the horizon, it appeared before him.

The kingdom.

The crown.