Towards Season Two

2 min readMar 4, 2021

Season One just ended today and it was a blast.
We didn’t expect to get so many people involved but we hope you had fun farming on the island.
With nearly $1M staked across all pools(with LINK and AAVE being the most popular), we distributed 500K ISLA.

It is now time to harvest and unstake from the pools and get ready to pack your bags to move onto the next chapter.
But don’t worry, the island won’t go away and it’ll be always there for you to come back just in case you forgot your liquidity somewhere.

Also, the vending machine made its debut toward the end of the season with our first Defiville NFT going sold out in less than 24h.
Just amazing!
I just want to remind everyone that the ETH from the NFT will be used to provide liquidity on the ISLA/ETH Uniswap pool so that you guys can start trading as soon as possible.
But don’t worry, that wasn’t the end.
The vending machine will follow us onto the next season with more artists coming to Defiville and you’ll be able to use your ISLA to vote for the next one.

Regarding governance we will be using Snapshot to manage voting and proposals and the cool part is that you won’t need to use gas to vote but just a signature from your wallet.

Season Two will introduce some new cool features and collaborations that we hope you’ll love.
The pools will be stablecoins based with 1M ISLA up for grab, new NFT artists, live music NFTs, social farming and much more.

I hope to see you in the next season of Defiville!

The Defiville Team