Towards Polygon Island

4 min readMay 19, 2021


If you are following our Telegram group, you probably already know that we are working on new things on Matic/Polygon.
We’ve been listening to our community complaining about the high gas prices and we have decided to partially move to Polygon for the upcoming features.
If don’t know yet, Matic/Polygon is really cheap and really fast, and hopefully will allow many more users who are not crypto billionaires to participate in Defiville.

These are the features that will be launched on the Polygon network soon.

Crowdfunding Campaign

Vending Machine

We are eager to announce the crowdfunding vending machine, on the Polygon network. Users can interact with the crowdfunding contract within the Polygon island. Everyone will be able to create a new campaign and launch new products, like a new ERC20 token, NFTs or physical products as well. For every campaign launched the creator can set multiple types of contributions, like on Kickstarter, and every type is represented by a different NFT. The campaign need to reach a threshold amount in order to succeed, so the users that received the NFT for having contributed to the campaign, will be able to redeem the product related to the campaign, burning the NFT received.

Defiville x Rehab

We are pleased to launch the first crowdfunding campaign for a physical product created in collaboration with RehabNFT (
We love music, and we love our radio service for supporting artists and the first one was RehabNFT. That said, we are truly excited to present this product to you, available in 2 versions, one common in 150 copies and a rarest one in 50 copies. Shipping will be included in the NFT price, for all countries. So, what is this? It will be………

12" vinyl record with fully printed sleeve

Defiville 001, 12" vinyl with full printed sleeve, 200 press. Piranha instincts takes you on a frenetic ride of chaos. The A2 gives times to reflect with ‘Shipwreck’, and its blissed out ambience. The flip side takes you into an 8 bit escapade. — [RehabNFT]

Keep in mind that the NFTs that a user gets during all campaigns, buying any product related to it, has to be burned to redeem the product associated with them. So it could be resold in a secondary market like OpenSea on polygon, but only until it will be burned to redeem the real product.

Rehab Telegram group:

Twitter profile:

Everything related to music production and vinyl sleeve cover and press has been managed by Rehab Crew

DeFiville NFT Building

We are ready to launch the first official Defiville NFT that will be playable in the upcoming Defiville official game. It will be the first NFT of this Season 2 collection and it represents a level 1 building. Buildings will have an important role in the game, each card will have different behaviours and powers. The sale will start in a few days on Polygon and you will be able to buy it via the upcoming NFT shop that is coming on Polygon island. The buying price will be driven by a bonding curve, with a starting price of around 10/15$. The sale will have a fixed period, when this expires, there won’t be any way to buy this card directly via the official sale. The rarity of this card will be represented by how many sales will happen during this period. Users will be able to purchase it with USDC/USDT/DAI (pos) tokens. At the end of the sale period, the total funds earned will be split in this way:

  • 50% will be sent to a common vault
  • 40% will be donated to the upcoming plug on polygon
  • 10% will be used to buy ISLA for increasing the treasury and lower the circulation supply

The common vault will be used to earn interests using plugs and they will be reserved only to the NFT owners. Instead, the part dedicated to donating into the plug will permit to increase the interests generated by this and consequently the farming rewards for the ISLA stakers in the upcoming pool.

Prototype of the playing card

Pool Together ISLA community pool

At the end of last week, the official ISLA (pos) PoolTogeher community pool, on the Polygon network. Users can stake ISLA (pos) tokens to take part in the weekly raffle. The first award prize will be in about 3 days, and there will be 2 NFTs as prizes. The pool is set to have only one winner, every week, but it could be changed later on via a governance proposal. Every week we will announce the prizes for the next week’s raffle, so users can decide if they will participate or not in advance.

Prizes for this weekly raffle:

  • 1 Crowdfunding Campaign Common NFT
  • 1 Build NFTs

Stake now to join the weekly raffle!

Useful info:

ISLA token on mainet:

ISLA (pos) token on Polygon: 0xFE6A2342f7C5D234E8496dF12c468Be17e0c181F

Check the correctness via Matic mapper:

How to move ISLA from mainnet to the Polygon network:

  1. Go to
  2. Search ISLA within the token list
  3. Click to deposit to move any amount

How to move ISLA from polygon to mainnet:

  1. Go to
  2. Search ISLA within the token list
  3. Click to withdraw to move any amount