The DefiVille Project

3 min readJan 21, 2021

The next step gamified Defi, yield farming and governance

📄 The protocol

Welcome to DeFiVille, a world made of farmers, seasons and animals. This yield farming game is a social experiment, where the community is the main driver of the platform and every decision is made using governance.

DefiVille is an evolving game that changes its face and transforms into something new at every community vote.
There are going to be pools shift, island changes, NFTs and secret treasures to hunt.

🏛 Token distribution

The ISLAND token will be distributed throughout the different seasons of the game and every season has a defined allocation.
Please keep in mind that the total supply is capped at 7M.
If tokens are not distributed within the season they will be burned.

Season 1 = 800K ISLAND (30 days 11.42%)

Treasury = 1M ISLAND (14.28%)
Community Reserve = 1M ISLAND (14.28%)
Tasks = 1M ISLAND (14.28%)
Core Dev = 200K ISLAND (2.8%)

We will later announce how the funds in the treasury, community reserve and tasks will be used.

The remaining 42.94% of the total supply will be released from season 2 onwards.

Initially, the ISLAND token will be distributed using liquidity pools but with the game evolving there are going to be other ways to gain ISLAND tokens, like bounties, in-game prizes, community participation etc.

🗺 Seasons

DefiVille will be subdivided into seasons, which will last as long as the allocated ISLAND has been distributed to all the participants of the season.

When a new season is introduced a new map will be revealed, with new pools and new game mechanics but you’ll be still able to access all the previous seasons.

🏝 Season 1

The first season of Defiville is going to be a liquidity season where 8 liquidity pools will be distributing the first 800K ISLAND tokens.

Every pool will distribute 100k ISLAND.

You can stake your liquidity and obtain ISLAND in return, simple as that.

The initial 8 pools will be:

  • Curve DAO (CRV)
  • Compound (COMP)
  • Aave (AAVE)
  • Synthetix (SNX)
  • Chainlink (LINK)
  • Make DAO (MKR)
  • YFI (YFI)
  • Sushi (SUSHI)

📈 Long term goal and sustainability (Dev fund)

In order to maintain the project with a long term vision and organic growth, 200K ISLAND tokens will be reserved for the team.

These tokens will be used for further developing the platform and supporting the community on social channels (discord, telegram).

For paying bounties and contribution by community members there will be a supply dedicated to these. This ISLAND supply will also be released slowly into circulation whenever needed.

🧪 Experimental Project

The contracts implemented in Defiville, for the liquidity mining pools in season 1, are forks of well-known contracts, although in the next seasons there will be new contracts that we will strive to check and audit for security flaws.

We invite members of the community with Solidity experience to check directly the smart contracts.

Bounties will also include smart contract bug bounties.

Remember that it is an experimental project and you invest at your risk, DefiVille is not responsible for any loss.

Open collaboration for community development

Defiville community