Mar 12, 2021

3 min read

Season Two — A new home

Today’s the day.
After wandering at sea for days we finally have found a new home, that we believe has something magic.
This is a new start for us, but it’s nothing like back in the days.
We will have to rebuild everything from the ground up.
We are strong chads and together we can accomplish anything!

In the days to come, we will use the power of governance to decide what needs to be done first, and every islander, chad and degen that still hold their sweaty ISLA can vote no matter what.

🏝The first pool

🗳 Governance

This will help us shape the face of the new island.

You want a new pool? Governance.
You want a pirate vessel? Governance.
You want a kraken coming out of the sea? Governance.
I guess you got the point :)

⚔️ Challenges

🤝 Collaborations

🎴Vending Machines

Thanks everyone for being such a great community and for coming along this journey.

Ape strong together!

The Defiville Team 💌