Season Two — A new home

3 min readMar 12, 2021

Today’s the day.
After wandering at sea for days we finally have found a new home, that we believe has something magic.
This is a new start for us, but it’s nothing like back in the days.
We will have to rebuild everything from the ground up.
We are strong chads and together we can accomplish anything!

In the days to come, we will use the power of governance to decide what needs to be done first, and every islander, chad and degen that still hold their sweaty ISLA can vote no matter what.

🏝The first pool

Since we just arrived and we haven’t had time to set up a base just yet, we thought was very important to call you together to help us with liquidity and you’ll be gladly rewarded for your staking effort.
There are 400K ISLA to be given away during a period of 3 months if you provide liquidity for the pair ETH/ISLA on Uniswap and stake your UNILP with us.
Pool Link

🗳 Governance

We will be using Snapshot for managing voting and proposals and you can access it from the navigation menu in the top right corner.
If it has a green dot it means that a new proposal is live and your support is very much appreciated.

This will help us shape the face of the new island.

You want a new pool? Governance.
You want a pirate vessel? Governance.
You want a kraken coming out of the sea? Governance.
I guess you got the point :)

⚔️ Challenges

Another new thing that we introduced in Season Two is challenges.
From time to time new challenges will appear and they will have specific goals in order to be completed.
Goals are based on liquidity staked in the pools, so the more liquidity, the more rewards and the faster the challenges get completed to get to the next one.

🤝 Collaborations

We have some hot collaborations brewings and we can’t wait to tell you more about them.
There are going to be temporary partnerships with NFTs projects and some other more long term to help us spread the good word about our new home.
We want to invite everyone to come and visit, as tourism is very important for our economy.

🎴Vending Machines

What happened to it? Did you leave them behind?
No, not at all. They are still with us in one of the containers on the boat…we just forgot which one 😅
Artists are coming and if they are going to be too many I guess vending machines won’t be enough…what about a shop then?
Well, that’s a story for another time.

Thanks everyone for being such a great community and for coming along this journey.

Ape strong together!

The Defiville Team 💌