Hey, where were we? In the last article, we talked about the upcoming Animal platform. What is an animal and what do users have to do to become feeders for a period of time needed for obtaining an NFT. We presented the first genesis collection signed by Toja (Amazing work) and finally, we explained what an HQ will be. Epochs will dictate times on the platform and we are starting from genesis obviously.

Epoch 0 — The Genesis (September)

🎟 Raffle Pool

How does the raffle work?

  1. When the interests generated will reach the base soul of an animal (100 DAI for the gunner from the first collection for example), a user will be extracted as the winner, with the probability of winning related to the number of funds staked into the pool.
  2. If the time to reach the base soul will be less than a “raffle upgrade” time, so for the next raffle the prize will be the animal with a higher base soul. Instead, if it can’t be reached, the prize will be downgraded automatically.

Example: We say that the raffle upgrade time is 7 days. The pool, in the first week, earns interests greater than 100 DAI within the raffle upgrade time, to obtain the animal with the lower base soul for this collection, the gunner. So for the next raffle will be put in prize the Quartermaster with 500 DAI as base soul. This time instead the base soul of 500 DAI has not been reached within 7 days, so the prize will be switched to the gunner again, and the funds in exceeding will be reserved for the next raffle

🏝 ISLA Staking Pool

🏢 Epoch 1 — HQ (October)


Non-Raffle Pool

🚜 Farm ISLA

🗺 Epoch 2 — Meta Open World (2022)

🥱 Not So Boring Stuff (Now)

Why polygon (sidechain) and not an L2 solution (optimistic/zk) at launch ?

For this reason, second to the mainnet, Polygon is the blockchain with the most interesting strategies, in terms of APY, and it gives to the users almost zero-fees transactions.

👨‍🎨 Who will be the next artist?

👨🏻‍💻 Are you looking for a job?



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