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Hey, where were we? In the last article, we talked about the upcoming Animal platform. What is an animal and what do users have to do to become feeders for a period of time needed for obtaining an NFT. We presented the first genesis collection signed by Toja (Amazing work) and finally, we explained what an HQ will be. Epochs will dictate times on the platform and we are starting from genesis obviously.

Epoch 0 — The Genesis (September)

In the last article, we explained how animals can be minted by users, after a fixed amount of stable coins backed into the platform, based on the base soul of the animal needed, from the current collection. After we published the last article, users gave us some feedback, they asked if we could implement some randomness mechanism to make it more gamified. So at this point, what’s better than a no loss lottery?

🎟 Raffle Pool

We thought a lot about it and finally, we decided to introduce a raffle pool in this first epoch, so animals could only be won at the beginning. The mechanism is similar to that introduced by Pooltogether (, users will be able to stake stable coins, useful to earn interests, and only those generated could be included in the prize. For this reason, it is called a no-loss game, only interests generated can be involved in the game, not funds staked. Here, in Animals, the prize won will be backed into an animal, only the address that holds this NFT can manage funds backed, as we explained in the previous article. At launch, the pool will generate interest thanks to the USD strategy by StakeDAO (, on Polygon, with an actual APY of 20%. Users can stake DAI/USDC/USDT to win the prize.

How does the raffle work?

  1. Stake USDC/DAI/USDT in the raffle pool (StakeDAO USD Strategy on polygon)
  2. When the interests generated will reach the base soul of an animal (100 DAI for the gunner from the first collection for example), a user will be extracted as the winner, with the probability of winning related to the number of funds staked into the pool.
  3. If the time to reach the base soul will be less than a “raffle upgrade” time, so for the next raffle the prize will be the animal with a higher base soul. Instead, if it can’t be reached, the prize will be downgraded automatically.

Example: We say that the raffle upgrade time is 7 days. The pool, in the first week, earns interests greater than 100 DAI within the raffle upgrade time, to obtain the animal with the lower base soul for this collection, the gunner. So for the next raffle will be put in prize the Quartermaster with 500 DAI as base soul. This time instead the base soul of 500 DAI has not been reached within 7 days, so the prize will be switched to the gunner again, and the funds in exceeding will be reserved for the next raffle

🏝 ISLA Staking Pool

It is the pool where Animals holders and community users can start to stake ISLA. But it has an important rule, the ISLA max capacity is dynamically capped based on the number of Animals staked into the Defiville HQ, present at the launch, so it won’t be open to anyone. For each NFT staked into the HQ, a certain amount of ISLA can be staked into this pool, half free to stake by community and half reserved to the animal owner. The number of ISLA which can be staked depends on the base soul of the animal. If for instance, a user stakes a treasurer into the Defiville HQ, it unlocks 2K ISLA to stake into the pool, 1K reserved for the treasurer NFT holder and 1K freely available to stake by anyone.

🏢 Epoch 1 — HQ (October)


During the month of October, epoch 0 will be gone, and we will be ready to launch the next one, the first where users can start to interact with other external stakeholders, via their HQs. Animals will be able to interact with them, donating a percentage of interests generated by their inner soul. We will reveal the first HQs during the next week, but instead of releasing a new boring medium article we would like to start to talk about them in discord, discussing with the community about them, why we choose those and what it could bring into the Defiville/Animal community. We will create a dedicated channel to talk about HQ regarding the same field (music, dev tool, journalism/podcast, no profit DAO, etc). Also we are going to publish a manifesto with all requirements to be eligible to open an HQ. Every HQ will be customizable by the owners/DAO, based on community needs.

Non-Raffle Pool

Along with the launch of the HQs, the non-raffle pool for obtaining Animals NFT will be opened as well, so every user at this point would be free to manage the interests generated by the stake, and minting an animal when this stake will reach the base soul for one of these.

🚜 Farm ISLA

We will launch a new farming campaign when epoch 1 starts. Every user that stakes Animals, in any HQs, will be able to redeem 1 ISLA for every stable coin earned during the stake. We will put 150K ISLA as a reward for this farming period, it won’t be an end date when every ISLA will be collected, the period finishes, so first come first serve.

🗺 Epoch 2 — Meta Open World (2022)

A headquarter is the centre of every connection with the external world, so every user can interact with this for every platform of interest. At a certain point, we can imagine that an HQ will have some customs buildings into it, based on its personal needs, each of these is attached to one or more plugins developed and released into the game by the community. So a single map for discovering and interacting with all HQ could become not enough, and maybe they could have the need to rebuild a new map from scratch, using custom build more sophisticated, and maybe put in rent some lands. Every building will be an NFT, some world map mods could come out, enhancing the map, maybe with some non-official buildings. Buildings will be public, so there’s no limit to the imagination.

🥱 Not So Boring Stuff (Now)

Why polygon (sidechain) and not an L2 solution (optimistic/zk) at launch ?

We choose to launch the platform on Polygon network, instead of deploying the contracts directly into mainnet or using some L2 solutions for many reasons. We would like to engage with users that would like to try to win an animal even by depositing a few dollars, without paying a high amount for gas and also we are going to include mechanisms that maybe, later on, will require a lot of tx to interact within the platform, so the gas cost will play an important role. Another reason is that we have to use a strategy that can earn interests that will form the raffle prize, backed into the NFTs, and these days L2 solutions can’t offer pools to stake stable coins with an aggressive APY.

For this reason, second to the mainnet, Polygon is the blockchain with the most interesting strategies, in terms of APY, and it gives to the users almost zero-fees transactions.

👨‍🎨 Who will be the next artist?

In the last article, we presented the first animal collection, drowned by Toja, which is composed of 4 animals, available at launch, in September. Said that we can’t wait to find the next artist. We will open a dedicated channel on discord where any artist can be a candidate for drawing the next collection. You have to just share with us and the community some past works, and a short self-description on why you would like to draw the next animal collection. We will together choose the artist and a fair bounty to them. There will be only a rule to follow to draw them, they need to be animals, but the style is free.

👨🏻‍💻 Are you looking for a job?

During season 1 we launched a smart contract, usable by anyone, to stream tokens to someone, for a fixed period in time. We will use it to pay everyone that will contribute to the platform (in-game hiring), like Myrtean, the official community manager of the platform, he is doing an amazing job btw. Following our tokenomics, we reserved 1M of ISLA for bounties, around 500K USD at the actual price, and another 1M of ISLA into the community reserve; these funds can be moved only by governance proposes. Said that we incentivize anyone that would like to collaborate in any way, helping new users, giving us genuine feedback, proposing new ideas, helping in code, etc. We would be really happy to recruit new contributors asap, you can write on our official discord and present you to the community, it is not only for developers, everyone would be super welcomed. 1M of ISLA reserved for bounties are waiting for you.