Epoch 0 — The Genesis (September)

🎟 Raffle Pool

How does the raffle work?

  1. Stake USDC/DAI/USDT in the raffle pool (StakeDAO USD Strategy on polygon)
  2. When the interests generated will reach the base soul of an animal (100 DAI for the gunner from the first collection for example), a user will be extracted as the winner, with the probability of winning related to the number of funds staked into the pool.
  3. If the time to reach the base soul will be less than a “raffle upgrade” time, so for the next raffle the prize will be the animal with a higher base soul. Instead, if it can’t be reached, the prize will be downgraded automatically.

🏝 ISLA Staking Pool

🏢 Epoch 1 — HQ (October)


Non-Raffle Pool

🚜 Farm ISLA

🗺 Epoch 2 — Meta Open World (2022)

🥱 Not So Boring Stuff (Now)

Why polygon (sidechain) and not an L2 solution (optimistic/zk) at launch ?

👨‍🎨 Who will be the next artist?

👨🏻‍💻 Are you looking for a job?




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