First Defiville Hackathon

2 min readMar 31, 2021


Ladies and gentlemen…and pirates, welcome to the first Defiville hackathon, where dreams become reality and reality becomes a dream.

We have 6 bounties on Gitcoin for all the intrepid hackers and designers that want to gain fame and glory and a fair bit of shiny ISLA.
You can follow along and post your submission on our dedicated Discord channel:

So without further due, here are the bounties!

Developers bounties — Vending machines

Anon Vending

This is for the degen that doesn’t want to let their wife know that they are spending their retirement in pink kitties and pixelated punks.
That’s why we need an anonymous vending machine that you can use to purchase NFTs.
Whatever happens on the island, stays on the island.
This vending machine will let you create a sale and buy NFTs anonymously

Gitcoin link:

Bonding Vending

This vending will allow anyone to create a sale for an NFT or ERC20 that follows a bonding curve on the price sale, pretty much like Unisocks.
So whether you want to create the next socks or any crazy idea, this is the place to be.

Gitcoin link:

Crowdfounding Vending

You know Kickstarter right?
Perfect, because this vending is pretty much the same thing.
You have an idea or product to promote and you need funding? This is where you want to go ;)

Gitcoin link:

Artists bounties

We haven’t forgotten about the artist.
Defi is not all code and dark terminal windows but also a great place for artists to express themself.
That’s why we have 3 juicy bounties for you as well.

Create a new building for the island

Everyone is hard at work to build the new world, but we need your sweat and blood to build something new and unique.
You will be the architect of this unique creation that will be erected on the island.
We are all waiting for your masterpiece.

Gitcoin link:

Best stickers

When we are not hard at work on the island we are usually shitposting in our Telegram group and stickers are the essential tool for every shitposter.
Create one or more stickers and come to see a shower of emojis in your honour.

Gitcoin link:

Best meme

Do you know what else we like?
A good meme, that’s all we love.
Become the king of memes and receive eternal gratitude from every islander that will laugh at your meme.

Gitcoin link:

That's it for this hackathon.
We hope you get the chance to participate, have fun and hopefully learn something new.

The Defiville Team