Entering Season One

Welcome to Defiville Season One!

In our previous article, we discussed the Defiville project and the mechanics.
You can read it here if you haven’t yet.

Now, it’s time to start with the first season of many to come and explain you the core concept of this season.

🚜 Liquidity Mining

Season One Island and Pools

The available pools are:
- CRV: 0x99Cf79d898e306E382F70c6b63EbcE8CA0610cc1
- SUSHI: 0x50DbD9f08798D3A2Ea542E64764E3334fE2553e1
- AAVE: 0xe27E43e3cde491A28Cf1DF4b6cbF6e4edF8e6298
- SNX: 0x30353c2b2536223600054DADC79C7283D6111314

COMP: (coming soon)
MAKER: (coming soon)
YFI: (coming soon)
LINK: (coming soon)

You can also check the current gas prices from the gas station on the island before staking.

The gas station — You can click on it to get more info about the gas price

⚙️ How Does it Work

Select a pool you want to get started with staking.

Select one of the 8 farms on the island to get started

Approve the token spending

Click on approve to approve the tokens

Insert the amount you want to stake and click on “STAKE”

Finally click on stake! :)

That’s it!
Once the transaction is completed you’ll see your staked balance in the pool modal and after a while(depending on how much you staked) you’ll see your rewards increasing.

Every pool is instructed to distribute to its participant 100k ISLA for a total of 800K ISLA for Season One

🏝The Island (ISLA) Token

ISLA: 0x20a68F9e34076b2dc15ce726d7eEbB83b694702d

💰What can I do with ISLA?

Get started at defiville.finance