Defiville — ISLA Tokenomics

What is tokenomics?

Utility or security?

Monetary policy


  • Season One: 525K
    500K for 5LM pools
    25K for Commemorative NFT cashback(vested for 3 months)
  • Season Two: 1M
    400K for UNILP rewards
    600K for 4 stablecoins rewards pools
  • Community reserves: 1M
  • Treasury: 1M
  • Founders: 200K
  • Uniswap LP: 110K
  • Tasks: 1M (used to pay for community tasks)
  • Future seasons: 2.175.000

What is the purpose of ISLA?

How do I get ISLA?

What is the circulating supply?

What are the Community reserves?

What is the Tasks fund?

What was the initial price of ISLA?

Where I can see more details about the current liquidity, volume and price?

Season Two

How are the rewards distributed?

How do I get my rewards?

How the stablecoin pool works (DAI example)

What happens to the stablecoins generated by the interest?



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