• For obtaining this a feeder has to earn at least 1K USD from its stake.
  • When it will be reached the Animal NFT could be minted and this 1K USD in token backed into it.
  • For unlocking this amount the Animal needs to be abandoned (burned).
  1. Stake Animal in the related HQ.
  2. The passive income generated by the Animal, will be reserved for:
  3. Increase the animal’s soul (40%).
  4. Send this percentage to the HQ (40%).
  5. Send this percentage for increasing ISLA staking position (20%).
  • The NFT owner has a 1000 ISLA reserved in staking
  • Community can stake another 1000 ISLA (every user)
  • 2000 ISLA stackable in total thanks to this Animal
  1. Increase the animal soul (50%)
  2. Send this percentage to ISLA stakers (50%)




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