Hey, where were we? In the last article, we talked about the upcoming Animal platform. What is an animal and what do users have to do to become feeders for a period of time needed for obtaining an NFT. We presented the first genesis collection signed by Toja (Amazing work)…

Welcome back Islanders, it has been a long time since we wrote an article.

We are really amazed to have launched the radio service in beta version (Pass NFT coming soon) and today we would like to introduce you instead to the next dapp: Animals.

If we had to explain…

If you are following our Telegram group, you probably already know that we are working on new things on Matic/Polygon.
We’ve been listening to our community complaining about the high gas prices and we have decided to partially move to Polygon for the upcoming features.
If don’t know yet, Matic/Polygon is really…

Ladies and gentlemen…and pirates, welcome to the first Defiville hackathon, where dreams become reality and reality becomes a dream.

We have 6 bounties on Gitcoin for all the intrepid hackers and designers that want to gain fame and glory and a fair bit of shiny ISLA.
You can follow along and…

Today’s the day.
After wandering at sea for days we finally have found a new home, that we believe has something magic.
This is a new start for us, but it’s nothing like back in the days.
We will have to rebuild everything from the ground up.
We are strong chads and together we…

Season One just ended today and it was a blast.
We didn’t expect to get so many people involved but we hope you had fun farming on the island.
With nearly $1M staked across all pools(with LINK and AAVE being the most popular), we distributed 500K ISLA.

It is now…

Welcome to Defiville Season One!

In our previous article, we discussed the Defiville project and the mechanics.
You can read it here if you haven’t yet.

Now, it’s time to start with the first season of many to come and explain you the core concept of this season.

🚜 Liquidity Mining

Season One…

The next step gamified Defi, yield farming and governance

📄 The protocol

Welcome to DeFiVille, a world made of farmers, seasons and animals. This yield farming game is a social experiment, where the community is the main driver of the platform and every decision is made using governance.

DefiVille is an evolving game…


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